Heather is a space where goal-reaching and health-improving content coexist with mystical and spiritual explorations in sublime harmony.

Here, daring souls coming from all across America agreed to come together and open the conversation on love, loss, spirituality, sexuality and everything making this human experience equally endlessly beautiful and astonishingly hard.

With courage and in all their vulnerability, they crack their hearts open to participate into the creation of a truthful, open and ever-evolving community by sharing their thoughts and stories with the world.

Coming from various backgrounds and different corners of the continent, one powerful thing unite them all – their connection to nature. Heather invites us to answer this powerful calling to run back to nature, to our roots, to uncover and unleash our deepest and most natural self.



Heather is me, and she’s also you – she’s all of us. #WeAreHeather

The etymology of her name sends us to the pink and white flowers growing in rocky areas and the resonance of it wears several words commonly found in our stories – heart, heal, heat, eat, earth, and so on.

This feminine entity was created to become the “physical” incarnation of this community – Heather is discovering, healing and awakening herself by going back to nature. She is brave in her willingness to share parts of her hearts and her soul and she is driven by the purpose to soothe, guide and empower men and women through storytelling.



No. Hi! I’m Marie-Philippe. With this new and ever-evolving project, my desire is to act as the connecting wire between explorers, experts and writers I have the immense privilege to be surrounded with – some are my sisters, my closest friends, others happened to have crossed my path in the most unexpected times and places and I made sure to keep these gems around. Through our conversations and their writings, they make me grow, they make me cry, they make me believe more, love more, be more. I am hugely excited to reunite them on this platform – a space for them to feel safe and free to share their knowledge and their stories.



I grew up in a small town of the Quebec province. I was raised entirely in French, and did all my school years in my mother tongue as well. Yet, the English language always had a special place in my heart – I was devouring American literature classics in my high school years and my very first poems and pieces of writing came out in that language as well. Then, I started discovering the world and English became the way to connect with strangers from all over the globe. I fell in love with an American man, my best friend is a California resident, so I kept on cultivating an important affection for what is today the most “universal” language.

I want Heather to travel everywhere. I want men and women from Australia, Peru, Morocco and Japan to connect with our universal stories – yet, I don’t want to deny my roots, as Heather is also an invitation to run back to them. These are the reasons why French and English are cohabiting in harmony on this platform – for all English speakers – I invite you to dive into our French content and hopefully learn a few beautiful words!