Full Moon in Pisces – Living from the heart

If I can allow myself a personal note – the Pisces is one of my favorite signs of the Zodiac (says the woman that fell twice for men born on March 17). The Pisces swim in deep and infinite waters and their malleability truly makes it hard to define them. They glide with their feelings as their beloved compass, adapting themselves to any environment, but they are also in want of molding, of a container to receive their emotions, shape them and prevent them from drifting.

On this Full Moon in Pisces, if we are to align ourselves with the energy of this sign, let’s give our hearts some space to be, to feel, to dream. The eclipses demanded a lot of courage to face change and uncomfortable truths, the Virgo season is now asking for alignment and adjustment, but let’s put this emotional and mental work aside for one night and grant our emotions the permission to flow.

This is a beautiful moment to picture your life as your canvas and let your imagination run wild – what are your dreams made of? Write it, draw it. Pour all the heavy feelings filling your heart space into the arms of your inner child and let her speak through your favorite form of art expression.

Let the energy of this Full Moon rock you back and forth as you let yourself be soft, be vulnerable, be human. Cry it out, dance it out, you are free, you are guided, you are supported.


Marie-Philippe Jean

Heather Creator + Wolf Mother + Love Warrior

Marie-Philippe is a creator and a community leader who loves and feels as deep as the sea. In tune with nature and the energies surrounding her, she is in on-going studies to develop her intuitive gifts and bring guidance to teenagers and women as they are going through their self-love and self-healing journeys. Writing, movement and video production are her designated ways to communicate with the world and her work is fueled by her ever-going passion for the human experience. https://www.instagram.com/mariephilippejean/ /// Marie-Philippe est une créatrice de contenus et de communautés qui aime et ressent aussi profondément que l’océan. Fortement influencée et inspirée par les éléments et les énergies qui l’entourent, elle étudie ses habiletés psychiques et intuitives pour guider les femmes et les adolescentes à travers leurs explorations vers la meilleure version d’elles-mêmes. C’est via l’écriture, le mouvement et la vidéo qu’elle s’exprime et son travail est ancré dans sa passion et sa curiosité pour l’expérience humaine. https://www.instagram.com/mariephilippejean/